My Self-Publishing Courses

My Self-Publishing Courses


I offer two self-publishing courses:

How To Become a Self-Published Author – a weekly membership program in which aspiring authors kickstart their writing and self-publishing career, and

The Self-Publishing Genius which is my flagship, premium program.



“Kickstart your career”

How To Become a Self-Published Author

How To Become a Self-Published Author 

Leverage the exploding trend of doing things your own way with this home study program and kickstart your writing and self-publishing career.

The How To Become a Self-Published Author program is available at the heavily discounted price of just $47 a month and so that you can check that this is the program for you, the first month is FREE.

The program consists of short, online lessons drip-fed over 28 weeks. You are guided along the self-publishing pathway and you are helped to take those first steps to assist with self-publishing your book. You will learn the fundamentals for self-publishing on Amazon and be set up with a foundation for your career as a self-publisher.

  • Be educated, motivated and inspired
  • Get creative ideas and practical activities to do on a regular basis
  • Have the support and friendship of like-minded people
  • Get access and support from people like me to have your questions answered.

What you’ll learn

  • Steps involved in the publishing process
  • How to research a profitable niche
  • How to write a book in 30 days
  • How to prepare a manuscript for publication
  • Listing your book on Kinde Direct Publishing, (KDP)
  • How to get reviews
  • Marketing within the Amazon ecosystem

and much more

  1. Be part of regular (once a month) live, interactive, group Q&A sessions on Zoom where you can get your questions answered and you can see me and I can see you (value around $2000)
  2. Receive 12 months of support in a private, members-only Facebook Mastermind group (value around $1000)

Who is it for?

You and absolutely everyone else who aspires to write and self-publish a book and who wants to fulfil a long-standing ambition to begin a writing career and be set up with a solid foundation.

Secure your weekly online classes NOW for just AU$47 per month and remember that the first month is free.

Click the green button to access the program.

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“Dive deep”


The Self-Publishing Genius

The Self-Publishing Genius

The Self-Publishing Genius is my flagship, premium course. This online program of 8 modules containing more than 70 video lessons is for aspiring authors who want to manage the entire publishing process themselves and who want to dive deep into self-publishing.

The program is designed for those who want their hand held with personal step-by-step guidance to help them navigate their way through the cyberspace maze of book publishing.

Have your hand held

The Self-Publishing Genius takes you from concept to publication. I personally take you by the hand and walk you through the early stages of starting out, preparing your book for publication, the Amazon platform, becoming a best-seller, the IngramSpark platform, building an author platform, marketing, and moving forward to becoming the CEO of your own self-publishing house.

Enjoy the thrill of seeing your book published, and listed for sale, and experience the euphoria of making that first sale – a dream come true.

To learn more about the Self-Publishing Genius register now for the free online Masterclass.






Here’s what students are saying


Barbara Miller

I signed up for a coaching program with Marji Hill and am now a self-published author.  

My book ‘The Gift of Positivity’ was published on Amazon and received a five-star rating all of which I attribute to Marji’s excellent service and technical expertise. 

Throughout the process, Marji inspired me to persevere and navigate my way through a ‘cyberspace maze’ to make connections and get published within a set time frame. 

I am grateful for her continuing support and I’m currently writing my next book!


Patricia Newton

Marji’s knowledge of the many facets of book writing is phenomenal. I have found Marji to be extremely generous with her skill, knowledge and advice.

She is extremely structured and creates a route map to lead the enquirer to the desired outcome.

On listening to the roadblocks, she suggests simple strategies to overcome the hurdles.  Her learning videos and coaching are obviously a product of many years of experience.  

I am grateful that I discovered Marji and connected.


Wendy Nash


I appreciate Marji Hill for putting this informative and easy-to-follow program together.   

I am now much more conversant and aware of the plethora of pathways and benefits afforded by publishing my own book which I believe is very empowering for beginning writers. 


Kris Verity

Awesome program! Covers every aspect of writing, preparing the manuscript, and marketing. I love the Zoom Q&A sessions and catching up with the gang.


Eddie Dowd

Marji’s down-to-earth coaching with inspiring group Zoom sessions draws out the strengths of each participant. She has helped me publish 44 eBooks and paperbacks. Tuition at an elite level


Christopher Steele

Is writing and self-publishing a book out of your reach? Not now. Marji Hill’s thorough but fun course makes self-publishing systematic and easily achievable.


Stephanie Pinto

I was able to really successfully publish and launch my first book, From Chaos to Connection and get a Best Seller Badge and I hit #1 in three categories.


Marji Hill

Author and coach

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