About Marji Hill

About Marji Hill

Marji Hill 

Marji Hill is a highly respected international author as well as a seasoned business executive, researcher, and coach.

Writing career

Her writing career started over 30 years ago writing non-fiction books for children and teenagers.

Since then she has written over 70 books, most of which have been published by mainstream publishers.

In 2014 Marji ventured into self-publishing because she always had a dream of having her own publishing house. She learned the value of the new way to publish with the advent of the internet and she started self-publishing multiple books online with Amazon and later IngramSpark.

Marketing experience

Ghosts of Gold

Marji’s experience in marketing spans decades. As well as being very active in the direct sales industry she learned the value of the new way to publish, the alternative way to publish.

In the process, Marji learned to operate in the online space building websites, writing blog posts, doing affiliate marketing, email marketing, learning automation techniques, and so much more.

Apart from her experience with the Amazon platform – both with books & physical products – Marji has been a research consultant. Among her clients have been Unesco, universities, education departments, mining corporations, and publishers.

As a result of years of training and experience, Marji has learnt what works and what doesn’t.


In addition to writing and publishing books, Marji is also an artist and she runs her art career alongside that of being an author and coach. A lot of her artwork is incorporated into her books.


Blood Gold

For many years Marji travelled extensively both within Australia and internationally, working as a consultant, doing speaking engagements, motivating people, and developing her art career.
Marji has returned to her birthplace and now resides in Surfers Paradise where she pursues her interests in writing, painting, coaching, publishing, and internet marketing.

Fast Self-Publishing Online

Given Marji’s long and extensive experience in the book industry, she now shares her knowledge and expertise with people who want to write and self-publish their books. She is the founder of Fast Self-Publishing Online the platform she uses to coach and help others.

Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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