Feeling Fearful About The Self-Publishing Process?

Feeling Fearful About The Self-Publishing Process?



Could it be that you are close to finishing your manuscript and are fearful at the thought of publishing your book yourself?  This fear is stalling your progress. Yes?

You are feeling a bit confused and feel scared about diving into this unknown world.


Steps to self-publishing your book


If your dream is to write and self-publish a book I have created a guided journal with 101 prompts to help you overcome your worries and fear.

This guide is for someone who wants to independently publish on Amazon and who wants to learn the steps involved in self-publishing.

A Create & Publish Toolbox is a low content book. This category of book usually requires some form of engagement.

The reader might need to perform an interactive activity such as writing, drawing, doodling or colouring; and, the number of words is low when compared to that of a standard text-only book.


101 prompts


A Create & Publish Toolbox with its 101 prompts is a checklist of steps you need to take  to

  • research a profitable niche
  • create a manuscript
  • prepare it for publication
  • launch your book, and
  • market it to the world.

Each of the 101 prompts has its own dedicated page so that when you turn to the next page there is another prompt.

Beneath each prompt is space for you to jot notes. This is so you can record the action you need to take, respond to a question, brainstorm ideas, or simply reflect on the prompt.

If reading the Kindle eBook version of A Create And Publish Toolbox you will need to write your responses into a separate notebook or journal.

This author’s resource will help you to work through the publishing process sequentially, it will help you to stay on track, and it will assist you in your taking precautions against becoming distracted or from suffering any feelings of overwhelm.

Let these 101 prompts be your inspiration to create a book and self-publish it on Amazon.

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Marji Hill

Author and Coach



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