5 Ways To Sharpen Your Self-Publishing Skills

5 Ways To Sharpen Your Self-Publishing Skills


Sharpen your skills

Take time as an author to sharpen the skills, the tools, and your resources if it is your intention to be more productive.

Do this if your desire is to develop a career as an author and publisher. In which case, you will want to publish many books.

Publishing a book on Amazon is relatively easy and it is fast. However, mastering all the bits to create a successful publication can be challenging. 

In the self-publishing process, there are many moving parts and you have to get all the bits working in unison. To master this, keep sharpening your skills, keep on learning, and keep on testing.

It is what makes the difference between successful people and very successful people, and the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

The fastest way to become skilled at Amazon publishing is to produce multiple books. It’s by producing multiple books and learning what works and what doesn’t work that you develop the mastery.

You may be thinking how is it even possible to produce multiple books fast. Would I be right? 

Here are several ways to speed up the production of multiple books and to master the skills necessary to do this.




Many authors outsource the writing of their books.

They set themselves up as a business and their purpose is to publish lots of books. One of the sites where they can outsource their writing is Upwork.  

In other words, authors can employ ghostwriters to create their books. Once the content is drafted they can massage the text to suit themselves, put their name or a pen name to it, and work on getting the metadata right in readiness for publication.

The self-publisher puts their energies into creating a title and sub-title, does extensive keyword research, selects the best categories, and writes a compelling book’s description.




Another method to produce books fast is to create low content books: journals, notebooks, daily and weekly planners, bullet journals, guest books, prompt books, colouring books, trackers, and activity books.  

Passive income can be generated by publishing low-content books. Once you hit upon a profitable idea, low-content books take very little time to produce. 

It’s possible to go from developing an idea to publication and then to sales literally within the space of a few days.

Once the formula is established you publish and then rinse and repeat.




A key to success and to generate recurring income is to do your due diligence before you even create your book. So whether you outsource the writing so that you can produce multiple books or get into the production of low-content books the very first step is market research.

Before you create the next book validate the idea.

  1. Find a category that is low competition and with good cash flow potential. 
  2. Do keyword research to find profitable keywords with low competition
  3. Draft a working title and sub-title
  4. Draft the book’s description
  5. Study bestselling books in your niche and analyse to see what they have in common?   
  6. Come up with an idea that is a little bit different from the competition




Do research in advance of creating a publication and study the bestsellers. Take note of what’s working.

Find out what readers love.

The ultimate goal is to create a book that readers are already looking for. Validate your idea so that you give your book the best chance to make sales before you spend any time creating it. 

It is all too common for authors to create their book first and to create a book that they want to make instead of creating a book that other people want to buy. Creating a book first so often results in ZERO sales.

Once you have validated your idea and completed the due diligence proceed with creating your book.

Put the odds in your favour of being successful.

All of this, of course, requires practice. 

Just publishing one book will not help you to develop the skills necessary to be successful.




Become a producer of many books.

The more books you publish the more skilled you will become.

Build a team around you of experts: editors, ghostwriters, formatting specialists, designers. By outsourcing, you will get things done faster and you will be better able to leverage your time.

Keep sharpening your skills, keep learning, keep testing. The more you do it the easier it all becomes.

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