Speed Up Research

Speed Up Research


Speed up research

Putting together the metadata for your book’s listing on Amazon can be time-consuming but you can speed up research by using special software.

When publishing on Amazon the idea is to enter metadata that will increase the discoverability of your book to get more sales.

Research into categories

Putting together your metadata involves research into categories and keywords. This research can be done manually and is time-consuming.

My personal experience when researching the best ten (10) categories for a book is that it can take hours and hours of time.

But don’t sweat. There is an excellent software tool that can help you speed up research.

This software is called Publisher Rocket, an excellent tool that helps you:

  • save time
  • saves you the frustration of keyword research
  • helps with selecting categories
  • provides data on what customers are typing into the Amazon search bar
  • discover your competitors
  • find best-selling book categories
  • identify profitable keywords for Amazon Ads

What I really love about Publisher Rocket it is the way it can help with research into categories. When listing your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) ie. Amazon’s publishing platform you are asked to select two categories.

But did you know that you can actually put your book into 10 categories? You may wonder how you do this when you are only asked to select two.

As soon as your book is published you can contact Amazon and ask them to put your book into 10 categories.

This means doing a lot of research into categories and as I mentioned before it can take hours and hours of research.

Speed up research

With Publisher Rocket you can speed up research.

Market research

Another great benefit is that Publisher Rocket helps with market research and assists with validating your idea. Even before you start writing your book you can research categories to find out which ones would be suitable – categories that could help your book become a best seller. You are able to discover a profitable niche but one that is not too competitive.

Keyword research

In addition, Publisher Rocket helps with keyword research. It helps to discover keywords that customers are typing into the Amazon search bar.

It gives you monthly earnings for books with appropriate keywords, it estimates how many books are competing for a keyword and you can find out low competition keywords that can be allocated to your book. With the competitive score Publisher Rocket tells you whether or not its a good keyword for your book.

So in summary Publisher Rocket helps you to:

  • do research
  • get quick results
  • saves time
  • get ideas
  • validate ideas.

Speed up research

Important note: Publisher Rocket applies to the United States marketplace. It also has the capacity to switch to the UK or German markets. While it does not cater for the Australian marketplace it is an indispensable piece of software. After all, if you promote your book in Australia, at the same time you’ll want to market it in the United States as well.

If you’d like to learn more about Publisher Rocket or would like to purchase the software for a one-off payment (under US$100) press the button below for my affiliate link. This means I do get a commission on any purchases.

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