Market Your Book Early

Market Your Book Early

Market your book early


Q: When should I start marketing my book?

A: Market your book early.

A smart way to build an audience for your book and generate interest in it is to start the marketing strategy even before your book has been written or published. 

Market your book early because you can build up a huge following of potential readers so that when your book is released, you’ve already got an audience to promote it to. Create a book buzz.

Validate your idea

Before you start writing validate your idea. Assuming you want to produce a book that sells write in a profitable niche and define your target audience. Who will read your book? Consider, then, the goals for your book.

Draft metadata

In this early phase of creation draft your metadata – your author bio, a title and sub-title, do some research into Amazon categories, make a list of possible keywords, and draft the book description.

Plant the seed

Start planting the seed for your forthcoming book. Build your author website where you can share updates about your writing process, snippets of your book, and other related content. This will be your author hub and the foundation for your marketing strategy.

Use the website to build an email list of potential readers. Offer exclusive content to your email subscribers or social media followers; provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your writing process or early access to your book.

Create social media profiles for you as the author, share updates and interact with potential readers. Use social media ads to promote your book to a wider audience.

Book fairs and events

Market your book early

Attend book fairs and events in your genre and network with other authors and potential readers. You can also promote your book by giving out bookmarks, business cards, or other promotional materials.

Create a media kit

Once your target audience is defined organise your marketing message with promotional hooks, “sell sheets”, author photographs, professional book covers, and book trailers so that potential readers get a taste of your book. Share this on your website, on social media, or YouTube, with potential book reviewers and local media.

Launch team

Organise a launch team. Give Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) to your team because these can be the source of book reviews when your book is published. You need reviews because many people will buy a book based on other people’s recommendations.

Once you have solid reviews, your success is almost guaranteed.

At the same time try to get blurbs or endorsements for your book to help with the marketing when the book is released.

Remember to build relationships with your potential readers on social media and your email list. This way, when your book is finally published, you’ll have a loyal following of people who are eager to read your book.

Start your marketing campaign early. You’ll thank yourself later when your book is on the way to success. 

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