Empower Your Words

Empower Your Words


Empower your words


In the past, if you were an aspiring author you faced numerous challenges if you wanted to empower your words and bring your creations to the world. 

Here are the advantages of self-publishing in our digital age.

Traditional publishing houses acted like gatekeepers. They controlled which manuscripts would be published. 

However, with the advent of the digital age, the publishing landscape has been transformed. Self-publishing has emerged as a powerful and accessible alternative, empowering authors to take control of their own destinies. 

Self-publishing in the digital age has many advantages and has become an increasingly popular avenue for writers worldwide.


Authors can empower their words because self-publishing puts the control and power back into the hands of the creators. It allows them to retain complete creative control over their work.

With traditional publishing, decisions about cover design, editing, and marketing are made by the publishing houses, not by the authors.

With self-publishing, authors have the final say on every aspect of their book’s production. This level of autonomy enables writers to maintain their artistic vision and ensures that their unique voice remains intact.

Self-publishing is fast

With self-publishing, authors get their works into the hands of their readers fast.

With traditional publishing, however, the publishing process can be lengthy. Manuscripts have to be submitted, then you wait for acceptance, and finally you have to make the contractual arrangements. 

With self-publishing, the process is streamlined, and authors can release their work quickly and efficiently. 

Global reach

Empower your words

With self-publishing authors can reach their readers on a global scale. Through platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital, authors can distribute their books worldwide in both digital and print formats.


With traditional publishing, authors get a small percentage of the book’s sales price. In contrast, self-publishing provides more favourable royalties and authors get up to 70% royalty. 


With self-publishing authors empower their words because they can experiment with various genres, styles, and formats without the constraints imposed by traditional publishing houses. 

The digital landscape allows writers to explore different niches, test new ideas, and refine their craft.

Additionally, authors can adapt their works in response to reader feedback or market trends, updating and re-releasing their books as needed. This adaptability and flexibility foster creativity and innovation, enhancing the overall publishing experience.

Engagement with readers

Digital self-publishing platforms give authors the opportunity for direct engagement with their readers. 

By promoting on social media, author websites, and email lists authors can engage with their followers. This direct connection with their readers can help establish a personal brand and cultivate a supportive network. This interaction not only enhances the writing experience but also facilitates the growth of a dedicated fan base.

Publishing revolution

The digital age has revolutionised the publishing industry. Authors take control of their literary careers.

Empower your words

Self-publishing means a newfound freedom. This liberation allows for creative control and the potential for greater financial rewards. With a faster time-to-market, global reach, and opportunities for experimentation, authors now have the tools and resources to unleash their creativity, empower their words, and share their stories with the world. 


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