Books For Self-Publishers

Books For Self-Publishers


A Create & Publish Toolbox



If your dream is to write and self-publish a book, this guided journal with 101 prompts is designed to help an author to independently publish on Amazon and to walk the steps they need to take on entering the self-publishing world.

With A Create & Publish Toolbox, Marji Hill has created her first low content book.

Low content books usually require some form of interaction.  The reader might perform an activity such as writing, drawing, doodling or colouring. The number of words is low when compared to a standard text-only book.

This interactive journal has guidelines for:


  • researching a profitable niche
  • creating a manuscript
  • preparing it for publication
  • launching it, and
  • marketing it to the world.


As you work through the 101 prompts each one has its own dedicated page so that when you turn to the next page there is another prompt.

Beneath each prompt, is blank space for you to jot notes. This is so you can record the action you need to take, respond to a question, brainstorm ideas, or simply reflect on the prompt.

If reading the Kindle eBook version of A Create And Publish Toolbox you will need to write your responses into a separate notebook or journal.

A must-have resource for authors because the prompts help an author to stay on track and will assist in taking precautions against becoming distracted or from suffering any feelings of overwhelm.

Let these 101 prompts be your inspiration to create a book and self-publish it on Amazon.

By the end of A Create And Publish Toolbox the stage will be set to


  1. understand the sequential steps for self-publishing on Amazon
  2. conducting market research  
  3. publishing process
  4. launching a book
  5. marketing.

It is a must-have resource for authors.

Marji Hill has been on her own self-publishing journey ranging from publishing books with mainstream publishers to independently publishing on Amazon.

She is a successful non-fiction author having written and published over 65 books.

A Create And Publish Toolbox is a blueprint to help authors enter the world of self-publishing.


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Do You Want To Manage Your Time And Become More Productive As An Author?


How Big Is Your Why?


You want to write a book. You are ready to write it. You’ve done your research.

It’s time now to put that information out there and be recognised for your expertise.

So why haven’t you done it yet?

Your biggest problem is finding the time to write it.

Time is your enemy


If not having enough time is your problem then How Big Is Your Why will help you solve it.

The truth is you have so much going on in your life.

In her most recent book, Marji Hill helps you to overcome your problem with time.

In this Amazon short read, you will


  •   Learn a step-by-step process to manage your time
  •   Become aware of the classic drains on time
  •   Identify what steals your time
  •   Changes you need to make to find more time
  •   Accelerate your productivity

By the end of How Big Is Your Why you will


  1. understand why you are losing time
  2. know how to make small changes in your life to organise your time
  3. learn how to transform your life and expedite your productivity
  4. to get your book written and produce more books
  5. decide in life what really matters.


Marji Hill has been on her own journey to discover the secret for managing time.  She is a successful non-fiction author having written and published over 65 books many with mainstream publishers and others independently published on Amazon.

How Big Is Your Why is her blueprint for maximising productivity 24/7 and what she has done to achieve her own transformational outcome.



John Foley, Barrister and Thought Leader:

If your dream is to write a book then look no further than How Big Is Your Why? Marji Hill clearly articulates her process to manage time and to maximise productivity within the 24/7 absolute. A little gem for those who are struggling to find time to write.


Janice Michel, Information Specialist: 

This is a book about Time Management for aspiring authors, written by someone with lots of personal experience in the area. It is very easy to read. The principles laid out will also work for other entrepreneurs just starting out on their journey. By following through with the author’s suggestions you will change your working day, make the most of your precious time, and enable your dream to become a reality.  


Toni Paramour Writer/Editor

Helpful pocket-size digest of principles, practical strategies, examples from personal experience – one size fits all. Highly recommend.


If you are interested in becoming a more productive author or simply just keen to know more about managing your time and becoming more productive in life then download this quick, practical, short and easy-to-read Kindle eBook today.


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