How To Become A Self-Published Author

How To Become A Self-Published Author




Did you know that the 5 most common problems facing you as a writer who wants to become a self-published author are:

  • A lack of confidence and belief in your writing ability. As a result, you hesitate and waver finding it hard to be sufficiently motivated to write
  • You talk about writing your book but you struggle to start your writing project or else you cannot complete it. This can be due to crippling self-doubt or life getting in the way which inhibits the creative juices resulting in procrastination.
  • When time is the enemy you are frustrated at the delay in getting your writing done. Often this means life gets in the way of finishing your project and so you become disheartened and you avoid the issue.
  • You are apprehensive at having to handle your own marketing in order to make sales even if you have created a masterpiece. You feel that you don’t have the skills necessary for marketing online, doing social media, or setting up your author platform. If you ignore the marketing side of your book business you can become disillusioned if there are no sales and no income.
  • You feel lost and you have no idea of how to get started with self-publishing. This lack of knowledge can result in a lack of faith in your ability to go it alone and you may feel that you just don’t have the backbone to start the self-publishing process. You are fearful, scared and frightened that you will mess up.


Struggles in any of these 5 areas will diminish your determination and drive to become a self-published author.  If you want to


  • experience the ecstasy of having your first book published, a dream come true
  • realise the potential gateway to future income opportunities
  • be empowered as a successful self-published author
  • experience the most incredible feeling of euphoria when you make that first sale
  • unlock your true potential as an author and self-publisher and make your dent in the world

then the How To Become a Self-Published Author program is designed just for you.

It will help you to thrive in all these five areas. My role as a self-publishing coach is to help you to navigate the challenges you as an author may experience when starting out.

Learn to become a self-published author


Here are just some of the things you will learn in this program:


Steps involved in the publishing process

Keys to success

How to research a profitable niche

The anatomy of a book

How to write a book in 30 days

How to prepare a manuscript for publication

How to go about formatting your manuscript

Cover design

Listing your book on the Amazon platform, Kinde Direct Publishing, (KDP)  and optimising the metadata

How to get reviews

Marketing within the Amazon ecosystem

Setting up an author platform, and much more.


Your new career as a self-published author


Career as a self-published author

If you neglect to do these things that I teach you in this program you may not break through the challenges that you are facing in your new career as a self-published author. 

You have the dream and the goal but this can dissolve if you don’t realise your potential.

Sobering thought, isn’t it? Unfortunately, many authors may never address these challenges.

By implementing the things I teach, you will say goodbye to those feelings of being lost, experiencing frustration, procrastination, and never achieving your dream. 

Instead, you will experience the ecstasy of having your first book published and this is a dream come true.


Are you doing things the hard way?


challenges of a self-published author



If you are doing things the hard way what is it costing you personally and family-wise?

Procrastination, crippling self-doubt, lack of confidence, worrying about the financial risk of doing large print runs, being time-poor, not being able to land a publishing deal, fears about taking action, and even having tried Amazon and not getting anywhere…These are all issues that can be resolved so there is a cost to not fixing your challenges.




I find it best to think about where you are currently at – a New Career, a New Start. You will need to learn new skills. You will make progress only if you work at it.

I guarantee you will find it helpful to have me as your personal self-publishing coach to help you on your journey.

My goal is to help you to become successful in the above 5 critical areas.

If you want to realise your dream of becoming a self-published author I’ll show you how you can, regardless of your self-limiting beliefs.

Thanks to How To Become A Self-Published Author  you will be able to:

  • Experience a series of online weekly coaching lessons designed to help you the author or anyone new to the self-publishing journey
  • Take those first steps which have been expertly designed to assist you to self-publish your book on Amazon so you can reach millions of readers worldwide and best of all you keep control of your work
  • Learn the process and fundamentals for self-publishing your book on Amazon and be set up with a foundation for your career as a self-publisher 

And this home study program is just the beginning of your journey.

By mastering the steps outlined in How To Become A Self-Published Author you will be able to build from here learning more of the ways about what you have to do to have your book discovered on Amazon and start to earn royalties.




Thanks to How To Become A Self-Published Author you will be able to:

  • Experience the ecstasy of having your first book published, a dream come true
  • Realise the potential you’ve now created for future income opportunities
  • Celebrate and enjoy that sense of empowerment because of your self-publishing achievement
  • Be able to unlock your true potential as a self-published author and make your dent in the world?


No more


No more will you experience

  • the painstaking efforts a writer has to go to in order to land a traditional publisher
  • the discouraging rejections a writer may experience  
  • the frustration of trooping the streets and knocking on the doors of publisher after publisher and wondering if it is all worth it
  • being offered such low royalties that a writer struggles to see how they can make any money out of publishing their book
  • often having to accept draconian contracts like publishers wanting to own the copyright of the author’s work, and if the writer reluctantly agrees, losing control of their intellectual property rights.

Becoming a self-published author is a dream come true:



  • the thrill of seeing your book published, listed for sale on Amazon, and the euphoria of making that first sale
  • The ease of self-publishing, and you (not the traditional publisher) having control of your book and its revenue 
  • Enjoying the satisfaction of making sales, receiving royalties, and growing another income stream 
  • Mastering the fundamentals of self-publishing on Amazon and experiencing the high self-esteem of being a successful author
  • And then, rinse and repeat – launching more titles on Amazon with even greater opportunities for earning a higher income
  • Loving the excitement of marketing your book throughout the world

WHO is this program for?


It for the first-time author who wants to :


  • complete the first draft of their book
  • self-publish their book
  • go it alone but who wants help and guidance along the way
  • self-publish cost-effectively
  • breakthrough the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back


It’s for the person 


  • who has the passion to write and self-publish their book
  • who is committed to investing in their education so that they can advance their knowledge
  • who wants to learn the fundamentals of publishing on Amazon so that readers will discover and buy their book
  • who has a positive mindset
  • who is prepared to take full responsibility for their outcome


Why am I doing this?


I’m looking for like-minded individuals who want to:


  • Write and enjoy the achievement of completing a manuscript


  • Learn how to self-publish on Amazon to get their book to the market fast


  • Learn the fundamentals of promoting on Amazon so that  they can earn royalties


  • Learn how too launch multiple books to increase opportunities to grow their income


So who am I and why should you listen to me?


Marji Hill

My name is Marji Hill 

I began my career in the book industry starting off as a teacher-librarian and I later trained hundreds of other teacher-librarians for the Queensland Department of Education.

My writing career started over 30 years ago writing non-fiction books for children and teenagers.

Since then I’ve written over 65 books most of them having been published by mainstream publishers. 

In 2014 I ventured into self-publishing because I always had a dream of having my own publishing house. I had learned the value of the new way to publish with the advent of the internet and I started self-publishing multiple books online with Amazon.


Marketing experience


I’ve also had 30 years of experience in marketing. As well as being very active in the direct sales industry I learned the value of the new way to publish, the alternative way to publish.

In the process, I learned to operate in the online space. I learnt to blog, build websites, to do affiliate marketing, list building, automation, and so much more. 

Apart from my experience with the Amazon platform – both with books & physical products – I’ve been a research consultant. My clients have included Unesco, universities, education departments, and publishers.

As a result of years of training and experience, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.


The How To Become A Self-Published Author program


Here’s what is included in the program:

  • 52 weeks of online lessons that educate, motivate and inspire
  • Creative ideas and practical activities to do on a regular basis
  • interviews
  • support and friendship of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, as part of our Facebook Mastermind group  
  • access to people like me, your personal self-publishing coach, to answer your questions and to help you implement your various activities




You’ve got a quick decision to make.  Don’t hesitate. Do it right now. You’ll be so glad you did. 

Remember for the first four weeks you get this program for free. In the 5th week, the program will revert to AU $47.00 a month



To reward you for taking action today you will receive 2 (two) special bonuses.


  • Be part of regular (once a month) live, interactive, group Q&A sessions on Zoom where you can get your questions answered and you can see me and I can see you (value around $1000)
  • Receive 12 months support in a private, members-only Facebook Mastermind group (value around $1000)


Imagine a few years into the future and you look back on How To Become A Self-Published Author, the start of your self-publishing journey, and realise that this was your beginning. 

Secure your weekly online classes NOW for just AU$47 per month and remember that the first four weeks you trial the program and access it for free.



Finally, unlock your true potential as a self-published author and make your dent in the world?

With the weekly How To Become A self-Published Author program, you’ll be able to leverage the exploding trend of doing things your own way by securing access to your home study program at the heavily discounted price of only $47 a month.  


And remember to make your decision a complete no-brainer, you will have your first 4 weekly lessons available for free. Over this Trial period, you will be able to try out the program and see if it suits you.


Your new career and life as a self-published author await you and I look forward to taking you on the journey.


After the first 4 weeks of online classes, the price reverts to just $47 a month.


You can cancel at any time.







How do I pay the monthly subscription? You will enter your credit card details when you join the program but you will not have your credit card debited until after the first 4 trial weeks. Only then will start paying your monthly subscription of AU$47.00 month which will be debited from your credit card.


How long does my membership last?

The membership will run for at least 52 weeks.


How long does the weekly training take? On average the weekly modules last for approximately 30 minutes (give or take) depending on the theme.


How do I cancel my membership? To cancel your membership at any time simply send an email to Marji Hill at


Can I access previous lessons when I join? Yes, you can access all the previous lessons.