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Marji Hill







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Chapter 1    Creating a Book

Chapter 2    Self-Publishing Made Easy

Chapter 3    Getting Your Book Discovered

Chapter 4    Taking Action

Chapter 5    What Students Are Saying








Have you no idea how to get started?

Do you feel lost?

This lack of knowledge on how to go about writing and publishing your book can result in not having enough faith in your ability to go it alone. You may feel also that you just don’t have the backbone to start the self-publishing process.

You are fearful, scared and frightened that you will mess up.

You are apprehensive at having to handle your own marketing in order to make sales even if you have created a masterpiece. You don’t believe that you have the skills necessary for marketing online, doing social media, or setting up your author platform.

If you ignore the marketing side of your book business you can become disillusioned when there are no sales and there is no income.

Struggles with getting started will diminish your determination and drive to become a self-publisher. 

If you want to

  • experience the ecstasy of having your first book published, a dream come true
  • realise the potential gateway to future income opportunities
  • be empowered as a successful self-published author
  • experience the most incredible feeling of euphoria when you make that first sale
  • unlock your true worth as an author and self-publisher and make your dent in the world

then read on.


Your dream


You have the dream and the goal but this can dissolve if you don’t realise your potential.

Sobering thought, isn’t it? Unfortunately, many authors may never address these challenges.

By implementing the things I teach, you will say goodbye to those feelings of being lost, experiencing the frustration, procrastination, and never achieving your dream.

Instead, you will experience the ecstasy of having your first book published and this is a dream come true.

Realising your dream


I find it best to think about where you are currently at – a New Career, a New Start.

You will need to learn new skills. You will make progress only if you work at it.

If you want to realise your dream of becoming a self-published author I’ll show you how you can, regardless of your self-limiting beliefs.


WHO is this for?


Keep reading if you are a beginning author who wants to :


  • complete the first draft of their book
  • self-publish their book
  • go it alone but who wants help and guidance along the way
  • self-publish cost-effectively
  • be able to break through the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back


It’s for the person


  • who has the passion to write and self-publish their book
  • who is committed to investing in their education so that they can advance their knowledge
  • who wants to learn the fundamentals of publishing on Amazon so that readers will discover and buy their book
  • who has a positive mindset
  • who is prepared to take full responsibility for their outcome


Let me ask you a question.

What if you could produce a manuscript within 30 days?

What if you could publish a book without breaking the bank?

What if you could market it within 24 hours, and launch it successfully?


If you’d like to publish and sell your book online then you’re in the right place.


Publishing on the Amazon platform


When you publish a book on Amazon, the platform you will use is what is called Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP). 

This involves presenting information about your book in a way that is optimised. The listing has to be optimised to help your book get discovered by readers.

You will need to learn the art of creating a title and sub-title, the principles of doing keyword research, putting your book into appropriate categories, and writing a description of your book.

Why am I doing this?


I’m looking for like-minded individuals who want to:

  • Write and enjoy the achievement of completing a manuscript
  • Learn how to self-publish their book the easy way 
  • Get their book into the market place fast
  • Learn the fundamentals of self-publishing so that they can earn royalties
  • Publish multiple books to increase opportunities to grow their income


I don’t know if that’s you but keep on reading.  

I’m going to show you: 


  1. How to create a manuscript for a non-fiction book in under 30 days and experience that wonderful sense of achievement even you’ve never done it before
  1. How to publish your book the simple, low cost way
  1. How to get your book to into the market place within 24 hours and by applying the fundamentals, start to earn royalties 


Here is why you need to know what I know.

My name is Marji Hill 


My writing career started over 30 years ago writing non-fiction books for children and young adults. These books were all published by traditional, mainstream publishers.

Since then I’ve written over 70 books.  

In 2014 I ventured into self-publishing because I always had a dream of having my own publishing house. I had learned the value of the new way to publish with the advent of the internet and I started self-publishing multiple books online with Amazon.

My experience in marketing spans several decades. As well as being very active in the direct sales industry I learned the value of the new way to publish, the alternative way to publish.

I’ve learned how to generate a passive income from marketing books that goes on for many years.

In the process, I learned to operate in the online space. I learnt to blog, build websites, do affiliate marketing, list building, automation, and so much more.

Apart from my experience with the Amazon platform – with paperbacks, eBooks & physical products – I’ve also got expertise with publishing on IngramSpark.

In addition to writing and publishing books I’ve been a research consultant. My clients have included Unesco, universities, education departments, mining companies, and publishers.

As a result of years of training and experience, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.

There is nothing for sale here today.

But if you keep on reading and get to the end then I have a special $497 gift for you that will dramatically change your results when it comes to writing, self-publishing and marketing your books.

You will have the chance to have all your questions answered for FREE.

Are you doing things the hard way?


  •   Do you talk about writing a book but life gets in the way and you procrastinate, and so the book never gets written?
  •   Do you suffer crippling self-doubt which inhibits the creative juices ? 
  •   Do you feel that time is your enemy, and you just cannot find the time to write?
  •   Do you have no idea of how to get started with self-publishing and feel you will mess up?

Do you feel lost and scared about the self-publishing process and just don’t know how to get started?


  •   Do you feel overwhelmed or lacking in motivation and so you just cannot take any action?
  •   Do you worry about risking thousands of dollars to print your book, store copies in your garage, and then face having to sell them?
  •   Do you struggle to land a book deal with a traditional publisher?
  •   Do you have a topic you want to write about but you are nervous as to whether or not there is a market for your book because if there is no market there are no sales and therefore no income?
  • Have you actually published a book on Amazon and you are disillusioned because nothing has happened – no sales, no royalties?
  • Do you feel apprehensive at having to handle your own marketing to make sales even if it is a masterpiece because if you don’t promote your book nothing will happen?


If you are doing things the hard way what is it costing you personally and family wise? 

Procrastination, crippling self-doubt, lack of confidence, worrying about the financial risk of doing large print runs, being time poor, not being able to land a publishing deal, fears about taking action, and even having tried Amazon and not getting anywhere.

These are all issues that can be resolved so there is a cost to not fixing your challenges.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Let me tell you about the easy way


  1. Imagine the sense of achievement and satisfaction at having a manuscript completed within 30 days even if you’ve never done it before?
  2. Realise a dream come true with the thrill of seeing your book published, listed for sale, and the euphoria of making that first sale
  3. The ease of self-publishing, and you (not the traditional publisher) having control of your book and its revenue 
  4. Love the excitement of marketing your book throughout the world
  5. Not risking your hard earned $$$ because you have Print On Demand – only buy copies you want whether that is 1 copy, 10, or more.
  6. Enjoy the satisfaction of making sales, receiving royalties, and growing another income stream 
  7. Mastering the fundamentals of self-publishing on Amazon and experiencing the high self-esteem of being a successful author

And then, rinse and repeat – launching more titles on Amazon with even greater opportunities for earning a higher income



I don’t know you, or what you are trying to do, or how well you can implement what I teach. Most people don’t even get around to doing what I teach. 

So any results I talk about here are not typical. 

It takes effort, discipline, a lot of learning to develop mastery. 


To become successful at self-publishing you will need to invest in your learning. 

You will also need persistence and patience. 

If you want the success you desire you will need to make changes because 


If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten.


And with any business there is always a chance of things not working out.

And I’m in no way promising as to how well you’ll do. 



 Creating a Book


How do you create a non-fiction book within 30 days and experience a wonderful sense of achievement?


I will tell you a story about two authors wanting to create a manuscript within 30 days.

Meet Janet and Sally.

Janet says she has no money to invest in learning to increase her knowledge but she wants to produce a manuscript within 30 days.  Janet is always looking for the best time and perfect place to write and then she will get her inspiration. Janet talks a lot about the book she’s “gonna” to write but she never produces anything.

Sally invests in her self-publishing career.  She has a goal to produce a manuscript within 30 days. Sally plans to write a 10,000 word manuscript, she knows what she is going to write about and she has done her research. Sally allocates two hours a day to write 1000 words and after 11 days she reaches her target. She now has time available re-work her manuscript.


Which author would you rather be? Janet or Sally?


What’s the difference?

Sally put effort into learning a lot more about writing and self-publishing. She has a clear and defined goal and a plan of action. Sally outlines her book, adhere to a time management plan, she takes action and goes to work, and achieves her goal.

The problem with Janet is that she is not dedicated to trying to reach a goal. Writing is not high on her list of priorities. Janet is always looking for excuses. She is what can be called a “gonna,” and maybe someday she’ll get around to it.


Here’s how to write your non-fiction book within 30 days


Step 1:   Get your research done first

Step 2:   Allocate a set time each day to write

Step 3:   Outline chapter headings & sub-headings

Step 4:   Set goals: number of words & completion date

Step 5:   Write 1000 words each day

Step 6:   Re-work the manuscript once first draft is completed

Now here is how to apply this in your situation.


Once you’ve decided who your book is for and you know what you will write about, set a date and timetable to have your manuscript completed within 30 days. 

  • Decide how many words you will write.  
  • Outline chapter headings and come up with a list of sub-headings for each chapter.
  • Allocate a time each day to write and give this high priority in your busy schedule. Write your first 1000 words and then on each subsequent day write the next 1000 words.
  • Self-edit your manuscript. 
  • Have others read your manuscript and give you some feedback. 
  • After fixing the errors have your manuscript professionally edited.
  • Then, and when you are ready, have the manuscript formatted.  

This is just one way to write a book in 30 days. There are a number of other ways to get a book written quickly too.



Self-Publishing Made Easy



How do you self-publish your book the simple, low-cost way?


Let’s see what Sally did next.

Sally really wasn’t a “techie” type person but she had been introduced to the concept of outsourcing to professionals to do the heavy lifting for her.

She thought it would be great to hire professionals to help with tasks that she found difficult – things like cover design, editing and formatting.

Sally thought that a virtual team could do the tasks that she couldn’t do herself or didn’t like doing.

She found a couple of friends who were experienced at editing so they did the editing and proofreading for her.

Her plan was to create both a Paperback and a Kindle eBook.  

She found a professional to do her formatting. The formatter prepared two files – one for the paperback and the other for the eBook. 

Sally found the formatter  on the outsourcing agency – Fiverr . Once the formatting had been done he uploaded the files into her Kindle Direct Publishing account.

Then she needed to get a stunning book cover made. Once again she used  Fiverr to do her heavy lifting. She identified an appropriate outsourcer on Fiver to design her book cover.

Cost?  The total outlay for the book publishing both for the eBook and Paperback was under $100.

So here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Write your manuscript in Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Have your manuscript professionally edited and a cover designed

Step 3: Outsource the formatting of the manuscript file for the Kindle eBook, and Paperback (and the hardcover if you desire).

Step 4: Seek professional help when you need it.

Before submitting your book to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

  • Format it to meet the KDP quality standards.
  • Build the eBook with Kindle Create.

For Paperback and Hardcover, KDP has templates in Microsoft Word (PC or Mac)  

Unless, you are an experienced techie person and can handle book formatting I strongly recommend that you outsource your formatting to a professional.


How does this apply to your situation? Let me show you.


Publishing on Amazon is a breeze and is easier than ever. 

No longer do you need to go through painstaking efforts to land a book deal with a traditional publisher which locks you into deadlines and where you can only generate only 5-10% in royalties. 

While you may experience an overload of new information which can be overwhelming at first, the benefits of Amazon self-publishing give you complete control of your book and its revenues.

Publishing on Amazon’s KDP platform is the new way of publishing.

Start the process with a good quality manuscript and an impressive cover.

Once you have completed the manuscript and are happy with it have friends look at it for you to provide some feedback and to pick up errors

Hire the services of a professional editor. Once the editing has been finalised outsource the formatting to a professional who can upload the manuscript and cover files to your KDP account.




Getting Your Book Discovered


How do you get your book to market within 24 hours and by applying the fundamentals, start to earn royalties?


Here is another story you will find interesting…

Remember Sally?

Sally decided to publish her book both as a Kindle eBook and as a Paperback. 

She thought it was a good idea to publish on both platforms as some people like to buy the physical book while other readers like to buy the lower priced, immediately accessible Kindle eBook.

Sally’s experience was that once all the hard work of creating a manuscript, having it edited, formatted, and getting the cover designed, the rest was easy.


A downhill run.

Sally listed her book on her KDP account.

She then followed the prompts. 

Sally worked through the prompts entering the book’s details and she uploaded the manuscript and the cover.  

When all the fields were filled in, she Previewed the Book and then clicked Publish. 


Sally had published her book!

How do you do it? Let me tell you in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Log into your KDP account

Step 2: Go to Create a New Title and click either Kindle eBook , Paperback, or Hardcover.

Step 3: Enter the information for each section and follow the prompts.


If you’re wondering how you can use this, here’s how: 

You have done all the hard work of creating your manuscript, preparing it for publication, and designing a cover. 

Now for the easy part:

Once you login to your KDP account go to Create A New Title. 

Follow the prompts for each section. 

Preview the book 


The book will be reviewed  by KDP usually within hours. When it passes the review process it is published and becomes “live” available for sale in the Amazon market place.

WOW! Imagine how you will feel having got this far!

Indeed, it is very exciting to reach that point.

Actually getting your book published on Amazon.

It is a cause for celebration!

But what so many writers don’t realise is that the adventure of self-publishing really starts when they get that first book published.

Preparing a quality manuscript and creating an amazing cover is a very small part of the publishing process. Publishing the manuscript on KDP is simple and it’s fast.

Find a profitable niche

I will go so far as to say that the self-publishing adventure really starts when you first decide to write a book. 

Before you put pen to paper an author needs to do their market research to discover whether or not they have a profitable niche. 

If you write a non-fiction book and it has no market, and then you publish it, this could result in zero sales, and there will be one very disappointed author.

So learning to research a profitable niche is the very first step you should take in this whole self-publishing process.

Book’s listing on KDP

When you list your book on KDP the book’s listing needs to be optimised  so that it can be discovered by readers in the giant market place.

Optimising the listing means you must learn the art of creating a title, doing keyword research,  finding appropriate categories, and writing a description of the book. 



  • And once the book has been published and is in the Amazon market place an author needs to learn: 
  • how to market their book within the Amazon ecosystem.
  • how to go beyond Amazon and learn to market their book in the outside world 
  • scale up their publications, publish many more books, and generate income




Taking Action


Now, I promised you that I’d teach you 3 things:

1) How to create a book within 30 days

2) How to self-publish your book the simple, low cost way 

3) How to get your book to the market fast within 24 hours

So how did I do?

Now here’s the real opportunity that I see for you

  • By following my steps to produce a book, publish it online, and promote it to the world


  •   You will be able to stop procrastinating and succeed in getting your book written


  •   Crippling self-doubt which inhibits the creative juices will be something of the past


  • Not only do I help you publish just one book I show ways to publish several more within the space of 30 days


  •   I teach you how to scale up the number of publications you produce thereby creating multiple opportunities for making sales.


And I show you the fundamentals of self-publishing on Amazon tapping into profitable niches to sell online and increase your revenue earning potential.

What you need to win:

  • You need the right mindset to move forward 
  • You need the right plan to follow
  • And you need the right HELP

What now?

You have two choices.

You can leave here and forget everything I’ve just told you. However, this means going back to your old results.

But if you really want things to be different, and to change your life in this area, then here is how I can help…

At the start of this book I mentioned the $497 gift I promised you.

  • Would you like me to give you a plan to help you
  • prepare a manuscript for publication
  • work through the publication process with you, and

scale up the number of books you publish?

This way you’ll be able to publish books online without having to land a deal with a traditional publisher. 


I offer this service because I’m a coach specialising in helping authors write their book within 30 days, getting it published without breaking the bank, getting it into the market place fast, and helping you understand the fundamentals of marketing so that you can get the success you desire.

And there’s a pretty good chance that you have a challenge in actually putting a book together and in knowing how to get it published online.

If you find that my way of solving this is valuable, you might want to become a client.  

But let me make something very clear – please understand that I’m not offering you a sales pitch in disguise.

I promise not to pressure you or pester you in any way at all.

I have some time set aside in the next 48-hours to speak to you bout how you can apply these ideas to your life starting TODAY.

Whatever your biggest problem is, I know how to solve it.

On a 45-minute Discovery call, I will help you in 3 ways:

First of all, I will talk to you about your biggest challenge right now

Secondly I will help you solve it, and

Third, I will set out a step-by-step plan as to how you can reach your end goal WITHOUT your feeling lost and not knowing how to proceed.

Who this is for?

This Discovery Call is for those 

  • who are prepared to invest in their education that will take them to achieve the results that they desire
  • who are goal oriented and who want help in getting a book together and to self-publish
  • who are coachable and who have a positive mind set
  • who are prepared to learn and to take instruction
  • who are committed to working through the system

Who this is NOT for

  • If you are not prepared to invest in your self-publishing education
  • If you are not prepared to change
  • If you are negative and don’t listen or take advice
  • If you don’t take responsibility for your outcome

If you want to change your circumstances I can help get you to where you want to be.

What if you can change what’s not working for you?

I know how to get you there.

But if you are not prepared to change I cannot help you.

My job as a coach is to guide you and give you the tools and the education that you need to achieve your goals.


If you can say “yes” to all of this, then I’m happy to help you for FREE during a 45-Minute Discovery Call 


If this sounds like you, then here’s what to do next:


Schedule a Call with me by simply clicking the link you now see.


Then afterwards you’ll see a form with a few questions about you and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Once I have that information, I can put a few things together that I know will help you:


1.    help you get the satisfaction of completing your manuscript

2.    enjoy the excitement of the publishing process, and

3.   seeing your book published in the market place

4.   and, learn how to generate an income from it too.



Book Now


  1. On a 45-minute call, I will help you in 3 ways:
  1. I will talk to you about your biggest challenge right now
  1. I will help you solve it

I will set out a step-by-step plan as to how you can reach your end goal WITHOUT the frustration of not knowing how to proceed

Finally, unlock your true potential as a self-published author and make your dent in the world.

Imagine a few years into the future and you look back on  the start of your self-publishing journey, and realise that this was your beginning.



What Students Are Saying


Barbara Miller (Canberra)

Earlier this year,  I signed up for a coaching program with Marji Hill and am now a self-published author.  

My book ‘The Gift of Positivity’ was published on Amazon and received a five-star rating in March 2021.  All of which I attribute to Marji’s excellent service and technical expertise. 

Throughout the process, Marji inspired me to persevere and navigate my way through a ‘cyberspace maze’ to make connections and get published within a set time frame. 

I am grateful for her continuing support and I’m currently writing my next book!


Patricia Newton (Brisbane)

Marji’s knowledge of the many facets of book writing is phenomenal. I have found Marji to be extremely generous with her skill, knowledge and advice.

She is extremely structured and creates a route map to leading the enquirer to the desired outcome.

On listening to the roadblocks, she suggests simple strategies to overcome the hurdles.  Her learning videos and coaching are obviously a product of many years of experience.  

I am grateful that I discovered Marji and connected.


Wendy Nash (Tasmania)

I appreciate Marji Hill for putting this informative and easy to follow program together.   

I am now much more conversant and aware of the plethora of pathways and benefits afforded by publishing my own book which I believe is very empowering for beginning writers. 



Book Now