10 Benefits Of Self-Publishing On Amazon

10 Benefits of Self-Publishing On Amazon














Today, any aspiring author with an internet connection can write and self-publish their book for free and make it available to a world of readers.



Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)


Self-Publish on Amazon


Amazon offers a simple solution for authors who want to self-publish. Amazon’s self-publishing platform is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) .

There is no cost to self-publishing on Amazon. It is FREE to self-publish. 

The publishing process is fast. An author can list their book within minutes, and get it out there into the market place usually within the space of 24 hours.

An author can publish both an eBook and a Paperback. The Amazon paperback platform was CreateSpace but in 2018 it merged with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. 

Since 2018 it is now possible to publish both eBooks and Paperbacks on KDP.



Amazon does have a number of benefits for authors.


  1. Authors can earn royalties anywhere from 35% to 70% on Amazon which is far greater than what they can earn from mainstream, traditional publishers.
  2. Authors enjoy 100% ownership rights
  3. They control the publishing process
  4. There is creative freedom
  5. The publishing process is fast
  6. Authors have control over their book’s content
  7. Self-publishing on KDP is quick, it’s free, and it’s easy
  8. There is a process for making revisions so once a book is published it’s possible to make changes to the book at any time
  9. Amazon dominates the world book market and customers are there ready to buy and pay with their credit cards
  10. There is the flexibility of publishing on Amazon. Not only can you sell your book in digital and paperback formats through the various distribution channels you can also acquire your own physical copies and sell them offline via the old fashioned, direct sales method.


Multiple books



Once an author learns to publish one book on Amazon they may not want to stop there. Authors can rinse and repeat.

Publishing just one book through Amazon self-publishing may not generate  a lot of income. Those self-publishers who do have a substantial income have multiple books for sale.  

It possible for authors to scale up their book business to make more money with Amazon simply with the tactic of rinse and repeat and publishing as many books as they desire.


Marji Hill