Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon

Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon



This Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon is for you if are an aspiring author looking to self-publish your first book but find yourself feeling lost and uncertain about how to begin – and you are not alone. 

Why you need this guide:


  • lack the knowledge 
  • have doubts about your ability to embark on this journey solo
  • feel apprehensive, anxious, and fearful of making mistakes
  • are hesitant about managing your own self-publishing and marketing efforts
  • unsure of your skills in the area of marketing and building an author platform

If your goal is to publish your book without breaking the bank, get it to market within 24 hours, and ensure a successful launch, then this Guide is tailored to your needs. 


Overcoming the initial challenges can bolster your determination and drive to become a self-published author. If you dream of the euphoria of seeing your first book in print, recognise the potential for future income, and aspire to empower yourself as a successful self-published author, then this guide is specifically created for you. 

It’s designed to help you experience the incredible thrill of making that first sale, unlocking your full potential as an author and self-publisher, and leaving your mark in the world.

As your self-publishing coach, my role is to assist you in navigating the challenges that authors often encounter when starting this journey. 

What you will get:


  • 24 online lessons to work through at your own pace
  • Creative ideas and practical activities to do on a regular basis
  • Support and friendship with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you
  • Be part of regular, monthly live, interactive, group Q&A sessions on Zoom where you can get your questions answered and you can see me and I can see you (value $2000)
  • Receive 12 months of support in a private, members-only Facebook Mastermind group (value $2000)

Imagine a few years into the future and you look back on the Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon the start of your self-publishing journey, and realise that this was your beginning.

What you will learn:

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this program:

  • Introduction to the Amazon platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and how to navigate it
  • The benefits of KDP Select
  • How to list your book on KDP 
  • How to optimise your metadata – title, sub-title, keywords, categories
  • How to write a book description
  • How to get reviews
  • How to get a Best Seller Badge
  • The implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for Amazon
  • How to build a groundswell of interest in your book
  • How to launch your book on Amazon
  • How to prepare your manuscript for publication

By implementing the things I teach, you will say goodbye to those feelings of being lost, frustration, procrastination, and the problem of never achieving your dream.

Instead, you will experience the ecstasy of publishing your first book, which is a dream come true.

A new career, a new start

New career

I find it best to think about where you are currently at – a New Career, a New Start. 

You will need to learn new skills. You will make progress only if you work at it.

I guarantee you will find it helpful to have me as your personal self-publishing coach to help you on your journey.

My goal is to help you to be successful as a self-publisher.

If you want to realise your dream of becoming a self-published author I’ll show you how you can, regardless of your self-limiting beliefs.

Thanks to the Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon program you will be able to:

  • Take those first steps which have been expertly designed to assist you in self-publishing your book on Amazon so you can reach millions of readers worldwide and best of all keep control of your work.
  • Learn the process and fundamentals for self-publishing your book on Amazon and be set up with a foundation for your career as a self-publisher.

By mastering the steps outlined in the program you will be able to build from here learning more of the ways about what you have to do to have your book discovered on Amazon and start to earn royalties.

A dream come true

Becoming a self-published author is a dream come true:

  • the thrill of seeing your book published, listed for sale on Amazon, and the euphoria of making that first sale
  • the ease of self-publishing, and you (not the traditional publisher) having control of your book and its revenue
  • enjoying the satisfaction of making sales, receiving royalties, and growing another income stream
  • mastering the fundamentals of self-publishing on Amazon and experiencing the high self-esteem of being a successful author
  • and then, rinse and repeat – launching more titles on Amazon with even greater opportunities for earning a higher income
  • loving the excitement of marketing your book throughout the world

Finally, unlock your true potential as a self-published author and make your dent in the world.

With the Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon you’ll be able to leverage the exploding trend of doing things your own way by securing access to your home study program at the heavily discounted price of just AU $297.


Marji Hill

Author and Coach