13 Reasons An Author Should Build A Blog



13 Reasons An Author Should Build A Blog




Author blog

An author blog is a platform whereby authors can regularly publish articles on a particular topic. A blog can be built on a WordPress website. 

It’s a  useful promotional method for non-fiction writers who need to become recognised as an authority within their niche.

The key thing about blogging is to do it on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly, monthly.

To build a successful blog, posts need to published consistently on a regular basis.



A blog has a number of benefits.

  1. In a blog post, an author builds awareness among those who follow them. An author can share something of value such as their knowledge or their passion.
  2. Authors can build an online community of people, a network of followers, who share similar interests. 
  3. Publishing blog posts on a website and then distributing those posts out to the wider world via social media helps an author establish their expertise and credibility so that they become an authority. The more blog posts an author publishes with valuable content the larger their network grows This, in turn, helps add to an author’s credibility.
  4. Because blogging is a means to online networking, meeting new people who might help advance their career, it is an excellent use of an author’s time.  
  5. It is fairly easy for authors to write blog posts, particularly if they love writing. It’s an inexpensive way to drive traffic to their website.
  6. Google and other search engines love fresh content to index. Publishing blog posts is a wonderful method for generating new content.
  7. A blog helps position an author in the global market place.
  8. An author is able to use this technique to promote their books, their services or their products.
  9. A blog is a method for generating another income stream if it is monetised.
  10. Blogging helps authors practise their writing because they learn to write on a regular basis.
  11. Blogs also help authors to become more disciplined because posts have to be written to a deadline and scheduled.
  12. Blog posts can be shared out to the world via social media. By integrating social media into a WordPress website blog posts automatically can be sent out to followers on various social media platforms.
  13. Blogging is a technique for getting a manuscript written. If an author blogs on a regular basis it’s possible to create a book from a number of blog posts. A short book of 10,000 words can be created from 20 blog posts each of which is around 500 words. These blog posts become the foundation for a manuscript. The content can be repurposed, restructured, rewritten, edited, massaged, and turned into a book.


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