How Authors Can Better Manage Their Time

How Authors Can Better Manage Their Time


How Big Is Your Why?


Time management for authors


As an author myself, I’ve had to master time management to become my productive best.

To help other authors I have a step-by-step process whereby they can manage their time better. I point to the things that can happen in their lives which puts pressure on their time and which can be a drain on this valuable asset.

How Big Is Your Why? will help the author understand why they don’t have enough time and the small changes they need to make to find more time and accelerate their productivity.

Former University Human Resources Director, John Barclay, says 

If time is your enemy this clear, deft and cogent book deserves consideration as it cuts through the noise. Marji Hill shares her personal experiences on how she masters time so if you are wanting motivation in this area then this short book is a must to read.



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