7 Point Formula For Improving Your Amazon Book Listing

7 Point Formula For Improving Your Amazon Book Listing


Amazon book listing


Is your book selling on Amazon? All of us who publish a book on Amazon want to make sales. True?

There are some things that you can do which will improve your chances of making sales.

And the solution lies in fine-tuning and tweaking your book’s listing in Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP).


1. Importance of book cover design


A book’s cover is the first impression a reader gets of your book. It is what will get a reader to take a closer look because it’s the cover that helps your book attract attention in a crowded market place.

Have a professional design your book’s cover because this is what will ultimately make or break the success of your book.

Pay attention to this because it’s a fact that readers tend to judge a book by its cover.

Buying decisions can be made based on how a cover looks.


2. A good title is a sales tool


Apart from a book’s cover, the title is the next thing a reader looks at. It gives a reader their first impression of the book and it will influence their buying decision.

The title is a sales tool and it helps a book to be discovered on Amazon.

If the title captures a reader’s interest it may result in a sale.

Readers when searching for a book will enter a keyword into the Amazon search bar. Usually, a number of words will display so examine these to see if any of the terms are appropriate for inclusion into the title of your book.  

Add a subtitle because a subtitle provides the reader with extra information about the book. Specifically, it should contain the problem or pain point your market has. A subtitle can then expand on the benefit which may influence further a reader’s buying decision.


3. Optimise a book description


When a reader clicks onto the book’s listing what a reader will see after the title is the book’s description.

This is in effect a sales letter. It’s your opportunity to help a customer make a buying decision.

Amazon allows space for 4000 characters so an author should maximise this opportunity to craft a description that will sell their book. A few keys to a good description are correct formatting, a strong opening with a hook highlighted in bold type to attract the reader’s interest, five bullet points, and a call to action.

Customers are always looking for their next book to buy so the book description is critical in helping them make their decision.

Because Google gives a heavy weighting to books that are published on Amazon include keywords in your description because Google like Amazon indexes keywords.


4. Choosing keywords



When listing your book on Amazon the game plan is to get ranked on the first page of Amazon for a particular keyword.  You do this because book sales happen within the first 4 or 5 entries.

In your Amazon listing, there is space for seven (7) keywords. Do your keyword research to discover profitable keywords.

When selecting your keywords try to think of the words a reader would use when searching for your book The words should reflect what the reader is thinking.

The idea is to choose several 2 to 5 words that make up a phrase. These are called “long tail” keywords.

Rather than using a single word like “mindfulness” choose instead a phrase like “How to practise mindfulness”.

5. More book categories


Categories are the big broad terms that describe your book. They are like the sections of a bookstore where you can find your book so targeting the right ones is a key for the positioning and visibility of your book on Amazon.

If your book is put into an appropriate category this can help sales because being in the right category means your book will be put in front of the ideal reader.

If positioned in the wrong or irrelevant category, your prospective reader won’t be able to find your book.

When you list your book you are allowed to put your book into two categories. However, it is actually possible to have 10 categories.

After the book is published contact support and ask them to put your book into the 10 categories that you have chosen.

Categories not only help a book to be found on Amazon they also help your book to become a best seller.


6. Customer and Editorial Reviews


There are two sorts of reviews. There are the customer reviews connected to your book’s detail page and then there are editorial reviews which you find on your author profile in Author Central.

When you launch your book try for 5 to 10 customer reviews as soon as possible. Reviews carry a lot of weight on Amazon and you need to get as many reviews as possible. Not only do they help with sales ranking (Best Seller Rank BSR) they can influence sales.

Plan a book review campaign even before you publish your book.

As well as customer reviews get at least 3 editorial reviews that have been written by people of some standing.   

These editorial reviews can be put into Author Central, and then they will appear on your book’s listing.

They can also be included on your book’s sales page on your author website or on your back cover.


7. Choosing the right price




As a self-publisher, you determine the price of your book  and because you publish on KDP you can keep changing your price.

When launching your book you may price your ebook at the very low price of 0.99c in order to increase sales and get some verified reviews.

You may even choose to offer your book for free as part of the KDP Select promotion but after the launch, you may increase your price to $2.99 or higher.

You can play with pricing strategically depending on what it is you are trying to achieve.

You as author and self-publisher are in charge of your own destiny in the world of book publishing.

As someone new to the industry you have the power to make your book a success. Achieve maximum visibility on Amazon and create that powerful first impression by mastering the above formula.

Tweak your book’s listing and you can be on the pathway to success. It will cost you nothing but you need to learn how to optimise your listing and increase your chances of being a successful author.


Learn more at Self-Publishing Online.


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Marji Hill   Author and Coach

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