Coping With Self-isolation?

Coping With Self-isolation?




Here in Surfers Paradise, it is very quiet. The restaurants and cafes are closed. The streets are empty. It’s eerie.

We are in a very strange time and it’s likely to stay this way for months to come. I am hunkering down at home and watching the news of more lockdowns. 

Across the country pubs, cafes, restaurants, casinos, libraries, interstate borders, beauty salons are closed and more closures will come.

It is a worrying and stressful time.

I hope you and your family are safe and are staying sane wherever you are.


Social distancing


We are all living in a new, incredible era of social distancing because of the coronavirus. Every day there is more gloom and doom. 

And the rate of infection keeps increasing worldwide. 

Well, if we are having to stay at home, self-isolate, hibernate and avoid contact with people then it’s inevitable that we will have more time on our hands. 

Our lifestyle patterns are changing and we are having to adapt to a new set of circumstances.

So how can we use this time productively?

For the readers amongst us, it’s a perfect time to get more reading done. The libraries are closed so you cannot borrow books from the library. What few bookshops are around are out of bounds even if they were open.  

Kindle eBooks


Many of you I’m sure, know that once you set up an account on Amazon you can purchase Kindle eBooks at a very low price and then download them to your device (laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone). You can then access your purchases and read them at your convenience.

If you don’t have a physical Kindle reader that doesn’t matter. Simply download a free Kindle app and have your Kindle eBooks sent there.

Many Kindle eBooks you can purchase for zero cost; others are just US$0.99 or $2.99. So buying eBooks is very inexpensive.

If you are new to reading books from Amazon, set up an account, download some Kindle eBooks, and start reading. 


Because Amazon is a giant search engine and the largest online bookshop in the world, key in some keywords or phrases if you are searching for books on a particular topic. A list of books will show up and by looking at the covers, the titles, description and ratings you can decide which book is for you. 

In addition, the Look Inside feature can give you more information about a book.

Decide which book is for you.

As soon as you click the Buy Button your eBook is immediately delivered to your app on your device.

Personally, I just love the immediacy of this and I love the price.

It is so amazing to have immediate access to knowledge and to satisfy your desire to read. Gone are the days of having to pay an average of $30 for a paperback while killing time at the airport or browsing books in a physical bookstore.

Straight away I can start reading my new eBook.

In summary, the 5 great advantages of downloading Kindle eBooks from Amazon are:

  • their low cost
  • immediate download
  • access to millions of books
  • no physical storage
  • simply store the digital books on your device.

Maybe you are already a lover of downloading Kindle eBooks from Amazon but if you are new to this explore the experience.

When digital books are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app, start your reading.  

You are having to cope with social distancing and self-isolation so make the most of the extra time you now have. Stay at home, enjoy the opportunity to read, and help flatten the escalation of the coronavirus curve.


Marji Hill  Author and coach




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