Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level?

Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level?


Facebook Group Launch

Are you someone who is hungry for more of life?

Do you have a desire to achieve bigger goals and dreams for your life particularly as an author?  You aspire to create and self-publish your books and have a passion to make a difference in the world?

Are you ready to take it all to the next level?

As you’ve been receiving my emails now for some time, my guess is that you are more than ready.


Fast Self-Publishing Online Community


Join me as a foundational member of our community Fast Self-Publishing Online. Some of you are already members and I thank and appreciate you for this, but I’m now taking this online community to its next level – to the status of a “tribe”, a true community that hangs out with one another.

Fast Self-Publishing Online is designed for those who want to create a book, self-publish it on Amazon, and market it to the world.

In our community, I’m taking everything to the next level myself to serve you with more free tools and tips to help you play a bigger game.

If you haven’t already done so, Click here to become a foundational member and join our community.


Marji Hill

 Author and Coach

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