An Authors’ Dream Come True With Self-Publishing On Amazon

An Authors’ Dream Come True With Self-Publishing On Amazon



Key benefits


There are nine key benefits to publishing your book on Amazon:

  1. It is inexpensive to start the publishing process
  2. Self-publishers can start earning income quickly
  3. It is possible to earn up to 70% in royalties
  4. There is a worldwide distribution
  5. The listing and publishing process is simple and easy
  6. Authors maintain creative control over their book
  7. Earn additional income from customers borrowing books
  8. Get a marketing boost for up to 5 days from time to time
  9. Amazon gives you the option to fix errors if you spot them after publishing.

To avoid major mistakes and risks associated with poor publishing outcome it’s important to learn the fundamentals of listing and marketing your book within the Amazon ecosystem.

Rejection from mainstream publishers


No longer do you have to find a mainstream publisher to publish your book. Gone are the days of receiving reject letters and feeling frustrated, discouraged and disappointed that a mainstream publisher has rejected your book.

Instead, you can now replace these feelings with excitement, a buzz, and even euphoria when you make that first sale. A dream come true!

Print on demand


Self-publishing on Amazon means you can archive those days of the past when if you self-published you had to invest in a large print run. Publishing on Amazon is free.

With the Paperback platform, it’s Print on Demand. Simply buy one copy, 10 copies, 200 copies, whatever.

There is no upfront investment or risk to investing in your book as you don’t have to sell to recoup the money by selling lots of books.

There are no upfront costs so when a Paperback is sold, Amazon ships it to the buyer and you the author receive a royalty. This is passive income.

Passive income stream


When you start to see the sales you realize the potential for developing another income stream. – a passive income. This means that your book royalties may help fund the lifestyle you so desire.



Have you ever feared to publish a book only to find that the cover design is terrible, there are mistakes in the text or other errors? Well, you can relax.

There is no need to stress. Amazon has a process for revision.

After publishing, it is possible to make changes to your manuscript, to fix any errors, refine your content to the best of your ability, or to update the cover.

Millions of potential customers


Finally, by publishing on Amazon authors are exposing their book to millions of potential customers. This is an amazing opportunity to create brand awareness to the thousands if not millions of people who could become their customers, and authors are promoting their brand for free.

A dream come true


The best part is that the process for publishing on Amazon is simple but to maximize the results you desire, authors need a coach to guide them. They can say goodbye to feelings of being lost, suffering frustration, and procrastination.

Instead, an author can experience the ecstasy of having their first book published, a dream come true, and realize the potential of a gateway to future income opportunities.


Marji Hill

Founder of Fast Self-Publishing Online

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