The Power Of The 30-Day Writing Challenge

The Power Of The 30-Day Writing Challenge






The biggest challenge for most would-be writers is to actually complete a manuscript. The challenge is to get that first draft finished.

All motivated and fired up they start the manuscript. A few pages are written and then for one reason or another they derail. These writers never complete their manuscript.

They may talk a lot about the book they are writing but that’s as far as they get.

Or they want to write a book but they feel lost and don’t know how to start.

What derails a newbie author?

The “Why”

The major problem is that their desire to write a book is not strong enough. It comes down in essence to the “Why”.

It’s knowing their reason for writing and wanting to produce a book. Producing that book is way down on their list of life’s priorities.

If the “Why” is not strong and compelling enough to drive a newbie writer forward then they very quickly and easily fall into the trap of procrastination and it’s associated list of excuses: not enough time to write, life gets in the way, lack of focus, not feeling expert enough, and lack of confidence. There is no plan of action.



The power of the 30-day challenge, that is to write a book within 30 days, is that it creates momentum. It helps speed up the self-publishing process.

Momentum in the writing process is very powerful and can help a person reach their ultimate goal. Once they make a start they are fired up to reach their goal and as they work towards a 30-day deadline and keep writing more and more, motion is generated.

It becomes unstoppable. Inspiration springs up and fresh ideas abound.

What seemed originally impossible is suddenly possible.

So the power of the 30-day challenge is:

  • the momentum it breeds
  • the self-publishing process speeds up
  • a new belief system is set up – “I can do this”
  • it’s proof that they can produce fast
  • that they can publish sooner rather than later
  • get closer to generating income
  • that it builds a sense of achievement
  • and, establishes self-confidence

If the “Why” is not compelling enough then completing that manuscript can easily fall victim to procrastination and a whole set of excuses.

The first thing a newbie author must do is work on their mindset and sort out why they want to do it. Once there is clarity here they can set their goal for completing their manuscript and then plan to make a daily habit to write.

By writing something every day and working to a plan it will be easy for the newbie writer to complete their manuscript within 30 days.

Marji Hill

Founder of Fast Self Publishing Online


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