Are You Wondering What To Write About?

Are You Wondering What To Write About?



Are you wondering what to write about?

Are you racking your brains wondering what to write about? Are you struggling to come up with a good idea?

Do you want to write in a profitable niche?

You know that you need to write in a popular niche but you don’t know how to go about researching this?

A niche is a focused, targeted area that you serve particularly well. It is small and it’s specific.  When a buyer looks at it they can instantly connect to it, they can relate to it, and they can even say “That’s me. I’m in.”

Profitable niche

A profitable niche in the context of writing refers to producing a book in a niche market. There are so many niches you can pursue. You can start by examining a general, broad niche and then you can niche down and write a book in a very specific and defined niche. 

On Amazon, a niche is also known as a category.

The key to finding a profitable niche is to do some market research to identify a market that is popular with readers.

Here are some examples of broad, profitable niches:

  • health and fitness, weight loss
  • finance – how to get out of debt
  • relationships & dating – helping men for women find their ideal partner
  • personal development – how to be successful in business,  
  • self-help – how to meditate, how to de-stress
  • pets
  • technology
  • beauty and how to look young

Steps To Researching a Profitable Niche

Choose a broad niche that appeals to you.

Step 1

Visit the US Amazon website ( In the Search Bar enter the name of your niche. You will see that the Pet niche gets over 70,000 results; Mindfulness gets over 30,000; health and fitness get over 100,000. These are all very big niches.

Step 2

Drill down to find a more specific niche. Check niches that interest you in Books and also in the Kindle Store. In Books, the Health & Fitness niche gets results of over 60,000. In the Kindle Store, there are over 50,000.

Step 3

If you examine the drop-down autosuggestions you will see different aspects of these niches. Explore these. Look at the weight loss niche. The autosuggestions suggest specific angles to weight loss like:

  • weight loss for women
  • weight loss and menopause
  • weight loss cookbook
  • weight loss hypnosis

Step 4

Become familiar with the books that are available in your niche. Identify the pain points, the problems and challenges your niche has. 

Think about what could be the biggest pain or problem this market is experiencing?

Is there a problem or a challenge that you can solve?

When doing your research keep at the front of your mind how your target audience could benefit from reading your book?  

Step 5

The book that you write should offer a benefit to your reader so that they will feel so compelled to read it that they will hit the buy button. 

At the end of the day, people buy things that they NEED.

Once you are comfortable with the niche market you’ve chosen you can then do more research.

Step 6

You want to find out if the topic you’ve chosen has the potential to make sales.

This process involves finding out if other books in your niche are selling because you want to put the odds in your favour.

Step 7

Two methods for doing this are keyword research and research into a book’s categories.

Keyword research and research into categories are fundamental elements for successfully publishing on Amazon.

As a self-publisher, your job when listing your book on the Amazon platform Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is to give the right metadata to Amazon so that readers can find your book and so that you can make sales.

Being able to analyse profitable keywords and categories will help you with your market research because if you get this right, tweaking your metadata may result in hundreds of more visitors to your book’s detail page and this can equate to greater sales.

It’s an area of learning where over time you need to develop mastery and it requires a lot of hard work, experience and knowledge. 

You will need to learn the techniques for doing it and learn to analyse the results so that you will know in advance, before you even write your book, that your idea has some chance of being successful.

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