Market Your Books To Libraries

Market Your Books To Libraries




Market your books to Australian libraries


Does the concept of earning a passive income from getting your books into Australian libraries interest you?

If as a result of your marketing efforts you succeed in getting your books into public and educational lending libraries it is possible to generate a substantial, passive income that can go on for many years.

The Australian government has a program that compensates authors, publishers and other creators in recognition of income they lose when their books are borrowed in public and educational lending libraries.


market to Australian libraries

Public Lending Rights

The program is Public Lending Right (PLR) and Educational Lending Right (ELR).

These two programs are also designed to support the enrichment of Australian culture by encouraging the growth and development of Australian writing.

As an Australian book publisher or author, and this includes self-publishers, you may be eligible to be a recipient of the PLR and ELR programs.

Assuming you qualify, it means that every year you can receive a payment from the government for having your books in libraries.


How do you know if you are eligible? You need to visit the Public Lending Rights website.

Check your eligibility to receive PLR/ELR.

If you are eligible, your payment will be based on:

  • the estimated number of your books held in public and educational lending libraries;
  • the proportion of the royalties you receive for your books;
  • and the applicable rates for PLR payments and ELR payments.

This program applies to print books; as yet it does not include eBooks.

Before you attempt to claim PLR/ELR for your books there are certain pieces of the jigsaw that have to be put together before you make a claim.

Steps to making a claim


1. First of all, you need to buy an ISBN and register your book with an ISBN with Thorpe Bowker at My Identifiers.

Complete the registration and put the ISBN on the back of your title page, also known as the copyright page, of your forthcoming book.

2. Go to National Library of Australia and provide the details of your upcoming book with the Prepublication Data Service.

3. When the print version of your book is published send a copy of it to the National Library of Australia for Legal Deposit.

Australian publishers and self-published authors are required to send a copy of their print books to the National Library and relevant State Libraries for legal deposit. The legal deposit ensures that a comprehensive collection of published material relating to Australia and its people is preserved for the community and future generations.

Once you’ve got an ISBN for your book with My Identifiers, completed your Prepublication Data with the National Library of Australia, and sent a copy of your book to the Legal Deposit at the National Library of Australia, you can then proceed to claim your book for Public Lending Right and Educational Lending Right.

Just doing a claim for PLR, though, is not enough.

You will need to market your books to Australian Libraries.

If you want to understand more about getting a long term passive income from having your books in Australian libraries then schedule a complimentary strategy call with me.


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