Learn To Self-Publish

Learn To Self-Publish

If you want to learn to self-publish pay $ZERO for the first month of online lessons and then pay $47 a month for the next six months. This total amount of $282 gives you:

  • 28 weekly online lessons that educate, motivate and inspire
  • Ongoing monthly Q&A group sessions on Zoom that give you the support and friendship of like-minded people and access to me, your personal self-publishing coach
  • 12 months support in a private, members-only Facebook Mastermind group  

Be mentored and get community support as you are taken step-by-step through the self-publishing process.


  • If you are feeling lost and have no idea of how to get started with self-publishing 
  • If you lack the knowledge, or 
  • have a lack of faith in your ability to go it alone, or 
  • you feel that you just don’t have the backbone to start the self-publishing process, and
  • are fearful, scared and frightened that you will mess up

then jump onto this before it’s too late.

Learn to self-publish


Become A Self-Published Author

LEARN, APPLY and potentially EARN with these 28 weeks of lessons and when it’s over continue to access the monthly Q&A Zoom sessions.

The small investment of $282 that you make today is leverage for your dreams

  1. having your first book published is a dream come true
  2. realise the potential gateway to future income opportunities
  3. be empowered as a successful self-published author
  4. experience the most incredible feeling of euphoria when you make that first sale
  5. unlock your true potential as an author and self-publisher and make your dent in the world
  • Take joy in the ease of self-publishing, and you (not the traditional publisher) have control of your book and its revenue
  • Have the satisfaction of making sales, receiving royalties, and growing another income stream
  • Master the fundamentals of self-publishing on Amazon and
  • Experiencing the high self-esteem of being a successful author

And then, rinse and repeat – launch more titles on Amazon with even greater opportunities for earning a higher income

Love the excitement of marketing your book throughout the world

But you need to take action today

Who wants to self-publish?


It is for the first-time author who wants to :


  • complete the first draft of their book
  • self-publish their book
  • go it alone but who wants help and guidance along the way
  • self-publish cost-effectively
  • breakthrough the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back


It’s for the person


Become A Self-Published Author

  • who has the passion to write and self-publish their book
  • who is committed to investing in their education so that they can advance their knowledge
  • who wants to learn the fundamentals of publishing on Amazon so that readers will discover and buy their book
  • who has a positive mindset
  • who is prepared to take full responsibility for their outcome

How To Become a Self-Published Author


This home study program helps you to make it happen and gives you step-by-step guidance along the way.

Click the link today and get started.


Remember, by joining today you get that first month for free.


Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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