How To Revise Your Book

How To Revise Your Book


how to revise your book

In the past, if publishing with a traditional publisher it wasn’t possible to revise your book after it had been published.

With the new, alternative way to publish it is possible to revise your book.

When you self-publish your first book and become a published author it is a very exciting time.

Horror! You cringe! Your book has just been published and you’ve discovered some errors in your new publication!

As a self-published author, you feel embarrassed that people are buying your book with typos and mistakes.

Unfortunately, errors and mistakes may have crept into the manuscript and often this does happen even if the manuscript has been professionally edited.

A new author needs to understand how to rectify these annoying occurrences.

Don’t dismay. Errors are easily fixed.

How to fix mistakes


No matter how good your editor, or how many times you go through the manuscript, there will always be the odd typo or grammatical mistake that you’ll discover. It is unlikely that your publication will ever be perfect.

You may want to update something that you’ve already published. It may make sense to go back to your manuscript and make some changes.

One of the advantages of publishing on Amazon’s platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), is that it is easy to make revisions to your book. And this applies both to eBooks and to print books.


how to revise your book

Log in to your KDP dashboard


Log in to your KDP dashboard and go to Bookshelf. Select the title you want to edit. Next to your title click the ellipsis button, that is, the three dots. 

Click edit your eBook or Paperback details. From here you can edit the content of your manuscript and fix any errors.

Once you upload the corrected manuscript file this replaces the old file. 

You then upload the corrected manuscript, then Save and Continue to the end of the Pricing page and click Publish.

Your mistakes are now fixed.

Significant changes


If the changes you make are significant and if the page count changes by more than 10% KDP considers it a new edition. This means it should be published as a new book. 

You would need to create a new title in your KDP Bookshelf and assign a new ISBN to your book.

One of the great benefits of KDP is the simple revision process when it comes to correcting mistakes in your published book.

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