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If a free consultation on becoming a self-published author is of interest to you then consider these five signs. You will qualify for a consultation if any of these relate to you.

If any of them do then you need to talk with me.


  1. Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of becoming an indie author? 
  2. Are you feeling lost, and would like help getting started?
  3. Perhaps you are worried about your ability to go it alone and you are frightened and scared that you will mess up?
  4. Maybe you’d like personal guidance so that you can actually achieve your goal of publishing your own book?
  5. Are you worried about the expense of publishing your own book?



Challenges in any of these 5 areas can reduce your determination and drive to become a self-published author.

If you want to:

  • enjoy the elation of having your first book published
  • learn about the possibilities of generating an income from writing books
  • be empowered as a result of being a successful indie author
  • be intoxicated with excitement when making that first sale
  • unlock your true potential as an author and self-publisher and make a dent in the world

If any of this resonates with you then my suggestion is that you book a free consultation with me. I’m offering a free consultation – a discovery call – for just 3 people.

I usually charge for a Zoom consultation. But today I’m making this special offer.

How do you go about booking a session with me?

Make a booking



Go to my booking link

This will take you to the special offer page for a 45-minute Discovery Call.

You will then select a date and time


You will answer some questions so that I can understand a little bit more about you, what your goals and needs are so that I can then work out how best to help you

How will the consultation be conducted?

The call will be conducted via Zoom.  

I’ll then tell you how I can best help you and what the next steps are.

It’s that simple!

To remind you about the link…




Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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