Can’t Get Started?

Can’t Get Started?



Many new authors can’t get started because they get stranded even before they commence to write their book.

Would-be authors might talk about the book they plan to write but often that is the end of it. They just don’t seem to be able to begin writing their book. 

For one reason or another, they talk themselves out of it or they just let their book idea fall by the wayside.

Some struggle to find the time to write. There are those who want to have the perfect writing studio. Others wait for the muse to magically appear. 

Or it’s something else. 

People find excuses – anything to avoid making a start. 




Time is a common challenge. 

If writing a book is truly important then you’ll find the time to write it. 

Let’s say today is the day! Today you will make a start on your book.

But suddenly another priority steps in the way and you are sidetracked by that.  Maybe you have to make sure that your writing space is perfectly clean and tidy, so you spend the next couple of hours making your writing space the perfect place to be.

Writing that day, today never happens.

Or there is something else that distracts you.

The solution is to prioritise what has to happen in your day.

Identify the core commitments of your day and rank them in order of importance.  

When you rank your priorities you will find time for your writing just so long as it is high on your list of priorities. 

Busy life


People’s lives are full of all the things they are obligated to do. The people who repetitively say they are “gonna write their book” lead active, busy lives. 

Many would-be authors never sit down long enough to focus on their writing and produce a manuscript. 

They overload their time and do everything else except what they say they want to do, and that is to write.

Life just gets in the way.


Do it later



Maybe you sabotage yourself by frittering away your time pursuing meaningless activities and time just slips by.

Procrastinators lose time by putting their energy into tasks that have lesser importance.

If you have a job you will show up for work every day otherwise you’ll be dismissed. You are not likely to say “oh” I really don’t feel like it today” and then fail to show up for work. 

You turn up to work, or else you will suffer the consequences.

Writers must make a commitment to themselves. You must show up at the appointed time to write.

Don’t let procrastination become more important than writing your book. 

Manage yourself.  Make an appointment with yourself to write.

Plan to write a set number of words each day and go for it.

Be disciplined, get motivated.



A common downfall is a newbie author suffering doubt about their ability to write. They fear that they are just not good enough. They doubt their knowledge and worry that they don’t know enough. 

They fear what others will think of them; they worry that their friends and family will not be supportive.  

Identify your self-limiting beliefs and turn these self-limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. 

If you find yourself getting stranded at the start by not being able to get organised, not having enough time, putting things off to later, and being plagued by self-doubt then try to crystallise your reason to write. 

You can make it happen. If you develop the habit of writing daily, even for short bursts of time, productivity and creativity will happen.

Your inner drive will propel your creativity and you will be compelled to move forward. Nothing will stop you. 

Nothing will get in your way.

When you examine the reason for wanting to create a book many of the challenges like getting stranded at the start will disappear. 

Don’t wait for success to happen because, if you do, it’s going to be a very long wait. 

Take the initiative, seize control, create the opportunity, and make things happen.

Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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