Graphic Design For Authors

Graphic Design For Authors

Graphic design for authors is easy with Canva.  

Canva, which was founded in Australia, is an amazing online graphic design tool that you can easily learn to create and design anything you want.

From an author’s point of view, Canva must be one of the most important inventions of our time.

Many authors say that they just want to write.  These days, however, it doesn’t matter whether you publish with a traditional publisher or publish independently, you need to invest as much effort into marketing as you do in actually writing the book.

Authors that self-publish are not only responsible for creating wonderful books but they are responsible for their own marketing.

Creating graphics

As promoters of their books, authors need to be able to create their own graphic images to market on social media. They need to make book covers,  design “sell sheets” or promotional flyers, make social media banners, Youtube thumbnails, or anything that is requiring graphics.

Canva makes creating graphic design easy and it is user-friendly with its drag-and-drop interface, a library of stock images, and an endless array of templates.

Canva graphic

Gone are the days of having to hire a graphic designer. Outsourcing your graphic design work is a thing of the past.

With the Canva software, you the author, become the graphic designer and you can create a vast array of graphics with unequalled professionalism.

Authors can use Canva to create:

  • book covers
  • book launch invitations
  • flyers
  • social media posts
  • logos
  • Illustrations for your book’s interior, and
  • much more.

I love Canva

Personally, I love Canva. With Canva I create my own book covers, my social media posts, and illustrations for my book interiors.  I can have fun creating my own book marketing images which look as if they’ve been done by a true professional.


I’m excited by Canva’s unlimited creative marketing possibilities. For instance, I can take a quote from one of my books, add an image, customise a template, and share it on platforms like Pinterest or other social media platforms. 

Being able to create a flyer for my new book by selecting an appropriate template and adding a “buy now” button and putting it on my website or Facebook page is so liberating.

Free version

When starting out with Canva register for the free version. This has plenty of uses and things it can do which never fail to disappoint. Become familiar with the software and then as you become more experienced you may consider upgrading to Canva Pro which is the paid plan.

Canva Pro gives you additional functionality and premium templates and design elements. It takes you to a whole new level of professional design. 

Become the professional designer you always dreamed about without having to learn and negotiate complex and expensive editing tools.

What do you think? Are you ready to give Canva a try? If so click the link below.

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Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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