4 Useful Resources for Authors

4 Useful Resources for Authors



To help writers on their creative book writing and publishing journeys I’m sharing just 4 useful resources for authors. The ones that I’ve chosen I believe to be indispensable and they are tools that I personally use myself.


Fiverr is an outsourcing marketplace. An author needing digital freelance services can get help for publishing a book.  Fiverr provides instant access to a global network of freelancers.

On Fiverr, find specialists who create book covers, do artwork, provide editing services, offer to format, create “sell sheets”, build websites,  perform web development, and much more. It is easy to find freelancers who offer the services you want.

Authors can buy pretty much anything and even find ghostwriters to write their books. 

To help an author select a freelancer on Fiverr, there is a seller review system that will assist in helping you decide whether or not a special freelancer is for you.


Canva, which was founded in Australia, is a graphic design platform. With Canva authors can create anything they want: book covers, invitations, flyers, social media posts, logos, illustrations, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest pins, and illustrations for your book’s interior  – just to mention a few.

It’s an indispensable tool for authors who self-publish. Not only do authors have to create wonderful books they have to do their own marketing as well.

No more do authors have to find a graphic designer. With Canva they can generate a vast array of graphic designs that look very professional.

Tangent Templates

Tangent Templates

Tangent Templates is a software suite designed for authors who want to make low-content books. But its applications apply to other books as well.

Tangent Templates is a template system that comes with lots of tools. For instance, its KDP Helper gives you the perfect cover and interior dimensions with perfectly sized cover templates, clearly laid out to use with tools like Adobe, Powerpoint, Keynote and Canva. 

When designing a book cover on Canva the cover helper works out all the exact dimensions with exact pixel sizes for any cover an author chooses to design.

If an author wants to publish a book on Amazon KDP, Tangent Templates helps them create a book and then list it quickly on KDP. Usually, the book will be available for sale on Amazon within 24 hours so that very quickly an aspiring author becomes a published author!

There is no subscription for Tangent Templates so it is available just for a one-off fee.

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is an amazing piece of book marketing software. It helps authors with their research into keywords and categories when listing their books on Amazon.

This research, if done manually, can take hours and hours but the great advantage of Publisher Rocket is that it speeds up the process.

There are four main tools within Publisher Rocket that help an author with their book listing. The features include

  1. Keyword Search
  2. Competition Analyzer
  3. Category Search
  4. AMS Keyword Search

The keyword research feature, for example, helps an author understand how readers use Amazon and choose the books they buy.

Personally, the benefit that I love is the way Publisher Rocket can assist with market research and with validating an idea. Even before an author starts writing they can research categories to find out which ones would be best to help an author discover a profitable niche and one that is not too competitive.

Publisher Rocket gives me the data that I need to increase my sales and to publish bestselling books.

Publisher Rocket helps an author get the most out of Amazon. It has the power to transform book marketing with just a few searches.

In my effort to be fully transparent some of the links above are affiliate links and I want to emphasise that these are all resources that I use personally in my own publishing journey.

Marji Hill

Author and Coach


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